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The system acts as a line buffer. It captures any production hiccups and thus eliminates stoppages and achieves exceptional line efficiency.

Example of Chaudfontaine mineral water (Coca-Cola Enterprises group): after a few weeks of use: +95% yield on average, with a peak of 99% over one week!


The Regulaflow® is a buffer system and flow control without guides. This system avoids shock and friction between all the products, a guarantee of quality.

Specifically, it is used to regulate the flow or accumulation of products that cannot usually accumulate (fragile and unstable).

  • No guides (neither fixed nor adjustable): scalable WITHOUT modification.
  • ‘Zero’ time for changing format
  • Quality control: zero friction of packs on the conveyor
  • Minimum noise: <62dB when working with packs – a (r)evolution compared with roller and LBP conveyors
  • Eco-energy: half the consumption of a standard installation (saving more than 5kW)
  • Nominal speed at least halved
  • here are no packs on the accumulation conveyor, therefore nothing to remove
  • Space saving: twice as short
  • Perfect transfer: no neutral zone
  • Much less maintenance
  • Ergonomic for operators: no bridge for guides, open view to the line
  • Clean design: few feet
  • Multi-way: no central chain, no grease
  • Eco friendly: less hardware, consumables and waste
  • Significantly lower cost compared to an accumulation system
  • Speed of assembly and starting
Technical Characteristics :
  • This system runs between 100 and 300 products/minute
  • Speed of assembly and starting

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