Rinser - Blower

Rinser - Blower

Technical Characteristics:
  • Equipment in painted steel or stainless steel 304
  • Chassis in 80×40 tube or open profile (optional)
  • Fixing and tensioning bracket made of thick sheet metal5
  • Transfer speed: 80m/min. maximum (lubrication is required above 40m/min.)
  • Single-format system or adjustment of the different formats via handwheel and screw step left step right and position indicator.
  • Gripping by waves or pads on thermoplastic acetal paddle chain equipped with 19.05 mm pitch traction chain
  • Chain slides in high density polyethylene profile (P.E.H.D. 1000) with cartridge lubrication or automatic central lubrication (optional)
  • Stainless steel and Makrolon sheet metal casing thickness 8 mm with access doors and opening detectors.
  • System for stopping the booms in the event of a prolonged absence of products upstream
  • Single-arm system for gripping low products (optional)
  • 3-nozzle spray boom with water collection and drainage tank (optional)
  • Height-adjustable 3-nozzle blower bar with collection hopper, 5µm filtration with oil separator and solenoid valve (optional).

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