Bottle line

Bottle line

Technical Characteristics:
  • Guide travels available after positioning the stop: 5, 10 and 15mm
  • Nominal operating pressure: 0.5 bar max.
  • Max. length of straight profiles: 3000 mm
  • Minimum bending radius: 500 mm
  • Guide dimensions in closed position: 23 x 126.5 mm
  • Guide fastening on conveyor sides or from above in the case of multicorridors
  • Guide returns to closed position via venturi system
  • Guide casing in anodized aluminum profile
  • Blanking gasket for unused grooves in aluminum profile (without retention)
  • Control plate
  • Patented under the numbers:
    FR 2 870 224 – EP 1 744 978 – US 7 404 482
Function :
The Automatic Guide allows you to change product formats on your production lines, by guiding them on conveyors, automatically and therefore quickly, precisely and without tools.
This system eliminates human intervention and ensures perfect positioning of your products, whether straight or curved, or transferring between conveyors.

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