SAVIME dryer

SAVIME dryer is designed to eliminate residual water on products, using air blades. It allows the drying of the product, before packing in cluster, boxes, shrink-wrap”.

Select a product from the list below:

Alignment without pressure
Accumulation conveyors
Belt conveyor
Apron chain conveyor (Multiflex SC)
Roller conveyor
Modular band conveyor
Bar divider
Curtain lift system
Unit product accumulation line
Lateral handling elevatore
Unit product accumulation line
Parcels/cases line
Pharmaceutical industry
Quality control system
Bulk and swan-neck conveyor
Continous divider
Rinsing-blowing machiner
semiautomatic crate loader and unloader
Leak tester
Automatic guide system

Specific Equipment
In addition to standard applications and products, we can study and develop products tailored to your business or specific needs.

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